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Real Estate

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Are you a strong believer or one of them thinking Real Estate sector is sagging?

Real Estate is a backbone of many countries economy but it's a volatile industry and one can't predict the steadiness. According to London based real estate advisor Savills, Global Real estate sector is whopping $217 Trillion, much more than any other industry. Internet has played major role in growth of this industry.

US$ 217 Trillion

The biggest industry of the world With whopping contribution of 217 trillion US dollars.

BrandBUDDY – Your Marketing Partner

Sales and marketing are the pillars of real estate industry. BrandBUDDYD has complete marketing and branding solution for real estate builders and agents. Whether you are a residential seller or commercial seller, we help you designing winning marketing strategies to attract prospective buyers. We work on social media campaigns, content marketing, outdoor media planning, brand creation and direct sales. We design both online and offline campaigns as per the target audience and prepare database of potential buyers through various online contests.

Transform your business with new marketing strategies

Brand Identity

We strongly believe in brand identity. Every project we take, we try to show the real feel of our brand to the customers exploring options for their new home or business. Every buyer is concerned about the builder's portfolio, possession, amenities and neighbors. Creating brand identity gives them many answers for all their questions where they are going to invest.

Social Media campaigns

Do you have monthly budget for paid social media campaigns or waiting for organic results?
We have expertise and proven track record in content development, Youtube and Facebook campaigns and organic search results for real estate. 75% real estate industry is reliant on residential buyers and we have designed various unique campaigns to gather database of genuine customers. We understand the consumer need, their budget and taste through various online and offline surveys and design strategies accordingly.

Technology Transformation

An impressive website is the first crucial component to attract genuine buyers and agents. Planning an impeccable website is all about research and experience. There are many vital elements we need to consider before website planning. How can we show our property images, 360º views, videos, testimonials of our happy clients, our new and completed projects, amenities, specifications, neighborhood and property price is all about a different ballgame altogether. Management software is another crucial factor to manage entire business operations. Many builders take this imprecisely and stuck in managing day-to-day operations.

Direct Marketing

If you are seeking partner for direct marketing, you're at right place. We have associates in major cities and towns in India. We are currently working in North, East and West part of India for direct marketing and sales. We capture buyers through various events we organize in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. We will give you platform where all potential customers will be participating as we segregate them on various factors.

  • Whether they are looking for flat, apartment, independent floor, residential land or studio apartment.
  • What is their budget range?
  • Are they buying for investment purpose or want to move on?
  • What are their preferences?
  • How long they can wait for possession?

Our Solution for Real Estate

Consult with our professionals and see what they think about your business. We leave no stone unturned when we talk about Branding & Marketing.


As the original creators of the contemporary Modular studio we believe we have an modular to suit.

Online Marketing

As the original creators of the contemporary Modular studio we believe we have an modular to suit.

Technology Solution

As the original creators of the contemporary Modular studio we believe we have an modular to suit.

Print & Advertising

As the original creators of the contemporary Modular studio we believe we have an modular to suit.

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