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Are you apprehensive for Marketing, Management or Quality?

Creative marketing, well-organized management and unrivaled quality are the essential components for success of any educational group. We call education an unceasingly industry where demand is continuously rising for quality players. Only in education, there is huge demand of international students in English speaking countries. Whether you are running a school, college or university, you have to work on above three components to increase your demand.

Quick checklist to forecast your market value

  • Do you have any stable e-learning solution in place?
  • Are you active in international marketing?
  • Have you transformed your education system with latest technologies to manage entire business operations?
  • Are you well connected with local and global educationists and relevant giants?
  • Are you in the top 5 education groups of your province?
  • Is your marketing team in touch with all prospective customers of your region with cutting-edge solution?
  • Are you still using cold calling, seminars and event sponsorships practices to target end-users or you have unique marketing strategies?

How BrandBUDDY can be your best Maketing Partner?

Technology Transformation

Technology has that power to give your education business a boost and take you to the next level. In this digital world, make education affordable and adaptable for all and deliver the best student experience. Our approach to digital transformation is coherent and our role is to help connecting your business with customers.

  • Selection of appropriate software: BrandBUDDY has expertise and vast industry experience to select stable software for your business. It's always recommended to invest on SaaS based software to start with. To manage sales, marketing, finance and day-to-day operations, software selection is vital.
  • E-Learning portal: Turn your vision into reality. If your target audience is entire country or continent, you must not wait to step into E-Learning solution. According to IBEF, India has become the second largest country in E-learning after the US.

Quality Augmentation

We are an active player in education industry and have associates in many countries. If you are looking for global leaders in education, BrandBUDDY could be your right selection. We can connect you to the top educationists of India, USA, France, Germany, Nigeria and Singapore. We can take you to the next level with our years of experience in education.

  • Top Managers, Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Industrialists, healthcare professionals and research scholars will design your labs.
  • Will invite top CEOs to share their experience and journey with young minds.
  • We have professionals to show the roadmap to school goings, planning their next phase of life.
  • Engineers are not getting opportunity to work in core industries and BrandBUDDY has proven track record of campus placements.
  • We can sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Industries to open research labs in institute and can finance in essential paraphernalia.

Digital Marketing

Education system in the world has witnessed rapid expansion. One can't survive in education industry if they are not active in digital media. Parents are even well qualified and they search on various channels before going ahead blindly. It's time to get some organic results and show outcomes through Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube. BrandBUDDY team will plan your marketing strategies to get ROI of your investment.

  • Setup your social accounts and boost every post to the right audience.
  • Identify traffic on your website on regular intervals and test new strategies.
  • Plan paid advertisement on Google adwords, PPC and social media campaigns.
  • Run campaigns to get organic results.
  • Plan unique and winning content to engage audience through blogs, articles and press releases.

Direct Marketing

India is the largest country in terms of number of schools and colleges. According to the statistics, country has more than 1.4 million schools and 35,500 affiliated colleges. Though digital marketing is essential, but direct marketing is the most important tool if someone is targeting both rural and urban audience.

BrandBUDDY has have proven track record of direct marketing strategies in education sector. We have active associates in almost all states of India and few other countries.

  • Will create your network for admissions, online courses and other offerings.
  • Will give you access in schools for promotions and activities.
  • If you are an active training institute and looking to widen your franchise network, we are your right marketing partner.
  • We plan strategies for offline media like magazines, newsletters, advertisement and marketing collaterals.
  • We find opportunities to participate in events and to create network of educationists globally.

Our Solution for Travel and Tourism

Consult with our professionals and see what they think about your business. We leave no stone unturned when we talk about Branding & Marketing.


As the original creators of the contemporary Modular studio we believe we have an modular to suit.

Online Marketing

As the original creators of the contemporary Modular studio we believe we have an modular to suit.

Technology Solution

As the original creators of the contemporary Modular studio we believe we have an modular to suit.

Print & Advertising

As the original creators of the contemporary Modular studio we believe we have an modular to suit.

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